Sabtu, Januari 18, 2020

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I want to do more and think less in 2020. do not have any resolutions yet, but one thing that I wanna do, that is to take exam JPLT N5. I take this as my interest; also, I am those kind people who attract in new languages and always learn something. So, I want to tell you how I learn this new language.
First, I wanna laugh at my self, really. How passionate I am for the first time to face the Japanese language. Kind of amazing with the alphabet, but in the next hour feeling depressed and just wanna go watch youtube. 

You can imagine, right? In the Japanese language, there is hiragana, katakana, and kanji. While you learn hiragana, but you want to jump at kanji, because you feel its just memorise matter, but in the end, you feel tired and wanna mastered it only one night. Maybe get miracle like Bandung Bandawasa. 

Well, this is my first time to take note of learning the Japanese language. Before, even in middle or junior high school, I never once learn this language. And I just have a glimpse that "ok, wanna take this action right now". And puyyyhaa...i started learning through youtube.

maybe, if you are a beginner like me,

first, you can visit the website of NHK learning Japanese, and then you can hit the JapanesePod101.com,, and you can get all access just 1 dollar. You do not have to buy a or many books because you just feel excited to learn the Japanese language. Just go to surfing and then you can find pdf book for free, and youtube learning and etc. I think this is a wise way. You can save your money to pay the N5 test. 

Then, don't be rushed, like Presley says, "only fool rushed in". Really, just take step by step, and regularly. Yeah, even tho I am really beginner, really really, I just 2 days learnt it and yeah...still a long journey.

learn faster

I think I can learn faster because I take a creative and fun way. Well, before, you have to underline this. This is not endorsed or promotions because I think I want to recommend apps that help you to learn the language. This is my experience, I really like the application because it takes me to learn faster and not boring at all. 
Before, I learn through a textbook, but it gets boring, and I always catch my twitter, so I think that if I play my handphone, I think it better to play a game productively. So then I download Memrise and get premium one month.
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Using Memrise, I feel so incredibly smart ehehe. I do not think that learn a new language just natural like that. in 2 days, yes 2 days, you can write and read hiragana and katakana. There is hope really, a hope to pass the N5 exam in maybe 5 months later.

While I am typing this story, I am total beginner, and still a beginner, so that I have to back to my study zone. So, if you guys read this, feel pleasure to reply to any comment to help me studying the Japanese language.
Also, I feel open to discuss anything or maybe wanna share your experience in the study of any language.

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